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Water meter sensus 50 mm
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Specification of Water meter sensus 50 mm

Water meter sensus 50 mm

Nominal Diameter                        : 50 mm
Maximum peak flow once in life   : 90
Continuous Flow                          : 50
Transitional Flow                          : 0.7
Minimum Flow                              : 0.30
Starting Flow                                : 0.15

The MeiStream flow sensor combines the high reliability and measurement accuracy of the Woltman WP meter with the advantages of the Woltman WS meter in the lower measuring range. This combination creates an excellent new flow sensor with a MID approval after MI004 or EN 1434 in the accuracy class 2.

Volume pulses are generated by the interface HRI-Mei FS. This interface transfers volume pulses with programmable pulse values to the heating or cooling calculator. Possible reverse flows are compensated.

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