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water meter itron 6 inch
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Specification of water meter itron 6 inch

water meter itron 6 inch

Size: 150 mm (6 inch )
Type: Woltex
Starting Flowrate: 1 m³/h
Accuracy ± 2% From*: 3  m³/h
Accuracy ± 5% From*:1.5 m³h
Admissible Flow ( 10'Max ): 700 m³/h
MAX.Admissible Flowrate ( continuous): 500 m³/h
Head loss at Qmax: 0.15 Bar
max.Admissible temperatur: 50 º C
max.Admissible  Presure: 20 Bar
Indicating range: 99999999 m³
Cyble HF pulse weigt: 1000 L

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