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water meter BR 2 inch (50mm)
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Sell water meter BR 2 inch (50mm)

Specification of water meter BR 2 inch (50mm)

water meter BR 2 inch (50mm)

Spesifikasi :
Measuring Class                : A . B
Nominal Flowrate Qn        : 15
Minimum Flowrate Qmin : 1.2 , 0.45
Transitional Flowrate Qt   : 4.5 , 3
Min.Reading                      : 0.01
Max. Reading                    : 999999,99

Special Feature :
– Wod-wheel counter mechanism for direct reading LXLG-50-200
– Large measuring range, high flow accuracy
– High continuous flow capacity, lower head loss
– Perfomance is up to standards ISO 40625 Meter Design
– Solid and robust design, long service quaranteed
– Selected high quality materials quarantee.

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