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water meter amico 3 inch (80mm) type
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Sell water meter amico 3 inch (80mm) type

Specification of water meter amico 3 inch (80mm) type

water meter amico 3 inch (80mm) type LXSG 

Water meter Amico


Size Dia

: 3 inch ( 80 mm )


: LXSG – 80 E


: 0.2%

Max Water Pressure

: ≤  1MPa/10 bar

water temperatur

: ≤ 30 º C

Max Reading

: 999999.99m³

Min Reading

: 0,1 m³


: jis 10 Kgf/cm2/h


:12-40 m³/h

Working Condition:
* Water Temperature d 50 Cp
* Working Pressure 1 Mpa
* Specialist for Apartment

Special Features:
* Large Maesuring range, high flow accuracy
* Steady curve Last
* Performance is up to standards ISO4064 B

Meter Design:
* Solid and robust design, long service guaranteed
* Lnterchangeable Universal measuring insert.
* Cleaning without breaking the seals is possible
* Connections with whitworth pipe thread.
* Anti-magnet mechanism.

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