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water meter amico type LXSG 6 inch (150mm)
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Specification of

Water Meter Amico
Size Dia : 6 inch (150 mm )
Type : LXSG
Accurasi : 0.2%
Max Water Pressure : ≤ 1MPa/10 bar
water temperatur :≤ 30 º C
Max Reading : 999999.99m³
Min Reading : 0,1 m³
Flowrange :jis 10 Kgf/cm2/h
Flowrange :45-150 m³/h

Rotary-wing Water Meter
Horizontal Wolman Type
Digital-Whell Counter Mechnism For direct reading
large range for measuring,good accuracy
in flowrate
hight countinuous flow capaty,lower head loss
steady curve charateritics

Water Meter Amico

Meter Design:
solid and robust design,long service guaranteed
selected high quality material guarantee
absolute corrosion resistance
universal interchangeable measureng insert
outer calibration device

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