Itron Water Meter

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27 May 2021
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Specification of Itron Water Meter

Itron Water Meter
Itron flow meter is a tool for measuring the amount or flow rate of a fluid flowing in a pipe or open connection. Its usefulness is to know the existence of a flow matrial (liquid, gas, powder) in a flow path, with all aspects of the flow itself is the flow rate or flow rate and the total mass or volume of the matrial that runs within a certain period or often referred to as the term totalizer. By knowing the parameters of the flow of a matrial by an Itron Stream Measurement tool sent in the form of numerical data can also be forwarded to produce an electric current or signal that can be used as inputs on controls or other electrical circuits.
But in geometry-measuring fluid, there are several micro requirements that require the water meter to be installed in areas that have a uniform "laminer" flow. It's all for the Accuracy of the meter reading given. The meter placement specification, the recommended reducer usage, is certainly required by the Water meter producer.
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